Changes Series

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C_frkaDW0AAAEJTCharcoal on Paper #ANT


A Higher Reality

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A Higher Reality

The Forbidden/Seasons Change

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The Forbidden


The Forbidden


The Forbidden


The Forbidden




The Forbidden


The Forbidden


seasons change

The Forbidden

The Forbidden

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I knew I was old before I was born
Like EVE I was created by another EVE
With a liquidised potent potion of an Adam

My soul is ancient,I have been here since the beginning
Since the existence of all the Adams

I have comeback in many forms, also in the flesh
But my soul has always been EVE

I can shape shift ,I exist in many forms
I die yet I do not die

My soul is infinite just like the numbers that rule the world
I am in liquid as my creator was once
I am at one with the universe

The universe is at one with me
Together I make the world ,I spread .

Like the stars ,l die but am forever born again

I have been many creations ,I am my old ancestors 
I help create my new self through generations
I am part of the cycle of existence

I am my past life and my future self

I am EVE

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The Beauty of a Pure loving heart

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I get so proud when I see a picture of STEPHEN SUTTON, I think what a gem of a selfless human being u became , I also acknowledge the excellect work of what a good parenting can achieve, I knew you not,but I guess the bond of all Archers been giving me the daily urge to write about you.

Though the body you had, became weak, the world could still see the selfless loving and the passion of fire , the spirit of the Archer, though many may not belive in the stars , we are all part of what sparkles above , we are destined to become.

the beauty of a pure heart

A testament to good parenting , you fulfilled your destiny without ever pitying yourself or becoming selfish, we are all part of the world that changes , we shape shift into different forms and always come back with the spirit within that never dies.

Bravo Stephen, to the Archer even if we can change one person’s life , we have achieved a dream ,for since birth we KNOW we are only here for a purpose and
passing through with our ageless infinite Souls in a borrowed temporal body.

A WORLD within a WORLD

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To all the living beings Just like our stars , to the CRAB that moves sideways
Ready to pinch , Half MAN, Half BEAST that breathes Fire,
Like the sign that has THE TWIN FACE, like the SCALES that balances life ,
like the FISH that swims in the ocean ,caught in the net .
did you see the size of the SCORPION?
like the BULL that charges through ,like the LION that Roars,  like the VIRGIN MARY.

Did they come with the SEA GOAT or the WATER-BEARER? like the RAM with its large curvy HORNS!
Within every human is another WORLD,I can see the Sun,Moon,Mercury,Venus,Mars,

Ceres,Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus,Neptune,Pluto, EARTH Within you .
You are like a whole world living in a vast World ,
Many aspects of you ,in Conjunction,Semisextile,Semisquare,Sextile,Quintile,Square,Trine


Opposition ! A WORLD WITHIN A WORLD ,you can even mimic the sounds of Living animals ,grow living beings

grow crops ,fruits and trees that gives you Oxygen,The God of the living within the living ! Tell the one who says you are a nobody that ,

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