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freedom to imagine

mecesdes engine



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friday love%0A%0A%0A

the face

afro Marilyn



nakedly pink








project 7t


brighton pier


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Skateboard nut in paradise

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Creating Art with A prehistoric Neanderthal

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Few years ago my Son met his polish friend at school ,we often visited them,I could understand a bit of polish because of a best friend I had at my then work…My son’s friend lived with his mum ,dad and a lodger friend ,they were all polish ..One day on one of my many visits ,they cooked some polish soup ,it was delicious I asked if i could have a bit for my bachelor polish friend at work .the meal was cooked by their lodger friend .
My friend enjoyed eating the polish soup ,he was very grateful smugly…fast forward to few months ,I started seeing their lodger friend,very often I will bump into her ,didn’t really think anything of it ..One day my work polish best friend said he had great news,he had met a lovely polish girl .
Then came the day ,he brought her to introduce her ,I saw her and was shocked,it was the lodger friend ,the one that cooked the delicious soup ,who generously served me some to go give to my bachelor polish friend at work whom she never met before shocked ,the first thing I said to my friend was ,’do you know you have eaten her soup?
He thought I was trying to embarrass him ,I said let me explain,remember the polish soup I brought you at work?she cooked it ..we burst out laughing how magical the whole thing was ..
Today he called me ..he said I have great news …WE ARE HAVING A BABY..

The Talented DYLAN IZAAK

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“I have used the word wonky to describe the world I paint ,I like to see objects not as one complete entity ,but rather as the sum on their parts ,almost as if many different shapes have been juxtaposed.This is how I approach my own artwork exaggerating certain features of buildings and giving them a twist here and there to accentuate the character that I see in it ”¬† -Dylan Izaak

Acclaimed British artist Dylan Izaak,spent  his early years travelling  between England and Australia. His creative path reflected this unusual childhood,as he began his artistic career by seeking out interesting buildings around the world to draw in his highly personal style .Back in England he forged an enviable reputation and his high impact images are now collected all over the world ,Dylan was recently invited to join an elite group of Official BT Olympic Artists for 2012
Dylan’s unique approach to cityscape paintings has made a huge impact on art lovers across Britain .His idiosyncratic view of undulating skylines,famous buildings and busy metropolitan scenes encourages us to look at the world around us with new eyes,and offers a distinctive contemporary take on urban life.


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